Thursday, June 5, 2014

Graduation. Thank you for your patience!

Hello Families!

What a week!  We started Monday with making our father's day presents and cards.  Students did a great job following directions and making their projects look great!

Tuesday, we made little mini yearbooks stating their name, age, and self portrait.  They then wrote about something they learned and drew a picture of it.  Someone said math, so a majority of them also said they learned math.  I had to giggle when almost all of them spelled it maf.

Tuesday afternoon I left at 3 for my normal 10 minute appointment.  We discovered at the appointment that I was having contractions almost every 3-5 minutes.  I was sent to Theda Clark for monitoring.  All my test came back normal and baby is doing great.  I am so sorry that I missed graduation!!  It hurt me so much I couldn't be there to watch all of their great work!  I appreciate all of your understanding through this process.
Wednesday, Mrs. Drummond stayed with our friends who do the half day program and she helped sort out classroom centers, put our puzzles back together, and "summerized" our room.  They also had some extra time on the playground.  Our full day students went to the YMCA for a nature exploration, and then a park for the afternoon.

Thursday students made predictions about what they think kindergarten will be like, read books about getting ready for kindergarten and had some extra outside time.  I made it in for a few minutes on Thursday to say goodbye to everyone and give them all hugs.  I have also promised them that I will email all of you a photo of the baby when he is born!  Keep an eye out for it in August (fingers crossed it will be August).

Have a wonderful summer.  It has been wonderful working with all of you and your children.  Let me know if you need anything this summer, and keep an eye out for that email!!