Letters of the Week

We learned the sign language for a letter, the literacy link sound symbols, the letter sound, and looking at and writing it in both capital letters and lower case letters.  
Click here to view the many ways we learn the letter of the week!

Each week we watch letter videos during our snack time to help reinforce the learning, give them something enjoyable during snack, and help make the connections.  Below are some of the ones we watch:

"Have Fun Teaching" Students are really picking up the names of letters, formations, and the sounds of letters.  Check out these videos with you child!  Click HERE.

"Story Bots" students learn a variety of words that start with the specified letter and get to sing and laugh along the way as well!  Click HERE

"Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew" Olive and her friends go into a storybook to help fix a well known nursery rhyme and they find a whole bunch of things that start with the specified letter while there.  Click HERE

On Tuesdays, we decorate the letter of the week with something that starts with that letter to help reinforce that letter.

On Thursdays, we make a hand print activity that makes an animal or object that starts with this letter. These activities are not only work on a word that starts with that sound, but they work on reading these pages, using their reading finger, and knowing what a period is and means.

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