Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Parents, severe weather is indicated for tomorrow.

If school is cancelled it will be posted on all major news sites.  Please look for the Hortonville School District posting.  If school should be cancelled, I am still available by email.

I sent the student's holiday gifts from myself (and Mrs. Drummond) home today in the off chance we do not come to school. They were told to ask you when they could open it and told not to do so at school or on the bus.  Please feel free to use what ever policy your family prefers with gift opening.

Students made your gift, card, and even wrapping paper today.  Unfortunately, they were not wrap up ready by the end of the day so if there is poor weather, they will come home after the holidays.

If we DO have school, please make sure all students come with all the appropriate clothing: Hats, mittens, scarves, warm jackets, snow pants, boots, nice socks, and even a good layer underneath (warm pants-not tights, sweaters/sweatshirts).  What my parents always told me growing up and riding the bus: "Plan on your bus going in a ditch; are you dressed ready now?"

If I do not see you and/or you child tomorrow, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  If we are at school, SEE YOU TOMORROW!

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