Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jan 28- Jan31

Our letter of the week was Hh.  We talked about the sound Hh makes (like in hippo, hat, and heart).  We practiced our hand symbol, practiced the hand writing sheet, and made our hand print book page (hippo), and we decorated the letter Hh with hearts.  The students are doing really well with our alphabet letters.  I am so proud of their progress with the sign language symbol, the sound symbol, the letter and even our handwriting sheets are improving!  

**** Found the correct wording on how to write the letters. Please click HERE It should bring you to a google document.  When you get in the document, you can save it (download) as a PDF.  You can then view, rotate counter clockwise to get a better view.****

We have been journaling as a part of our morning work. Students are doing well with this!  We continue to encourage students to add detail to their pictures as well as do their best to spell and write what the picture "says."

We have been working on shapes.  Shapes we are working on are: square, rectangle, triangle, oval, circle, heart, star, hexagon, and octagon.  We are introducing the number of sides and describing words of these shapes to help the students identify them.  In school this week, we played shape/color BINGO.  We will continue to have activities to teach the shapes.  You can help at home too!  Find shapes in the world around you.  Explain how it is that shape: "LOOK, a triangle sign! See how it has three sides and three points?  That makes it a triangle."  These conversations, again, helps bring their education home, helps them see how what they learn in school is relevant in their life, and helps them form a bond with you while learning.  

We had a student spontaneously bring up hearing the thunder and lightning we (strangely) had Tuesday morning.  We had a vote of who heard it and who didn't.  We then counted the total votes.  Then we drew a line where they were the same and saw what one had more and how much more. Strangely, the morning class saw the lightning more than the afternoon class.  

Studentes are becoming very creative in blocks.  I am seeing a lot more activity of building certain things and elaborating on them rather than just an airplane or rocket that flies around the room.  The projects are getting more elaborate.  
Monday brought a science fair/activity for the PM class and the Extended day students.  They started with building a spaghetti noodle tower that supported a a marshmallow, then played with some oobleck (cornstarch and water), and finally rotated between 6 stations with more science principals and fun!  

Pictures are available on the website gallery.  Click here for Class Website

Tuesday was the Hop for Leukemia. We hopped a lot and worked really hard to raise money for the doctors to find the best medicine for helping these sick people.  The kids really did great, and we got exercise too! 
Wednesday was our winter weather day, I hope you stayed warm and safe!

Thursday the extended day students went on a trip to Player's Choice.  Students practiced/played Tag, soccer skills, and kickball.  

Important Notes:
  • Book Orders are due Feb 15th.  There are some great new collections. Also, if you order online you get a coupon for free books.  It also earns points and free books for our classroom as well!  
  • Milk Jugs.  We do not need any more milk jugs (though you can bring what you have left over), but you don't have to save any more.
  • Dress for the Weather.  We go outside Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Students need coats, hats, and mittens.  If there is snow or even if it is in the 30s I would suggest snowpants and boots for warmth and dryness.  St. Edward Extended day families, these students go outside for "long recess" after lunch daily and need to be dressed for it daily.  Please come with everything they need to stay warm and have fun!
    • With weather below zero, students cannot go outside. This does include windchill.  Unfortunately, this means we didn't get outside all last week, but we do attempt to get some exercise in the room and the gym.  Please continue to send snow pants and boots as the commute to school can be rather long and I want them all to stay warm if something should happen.
  • Lost and Found.  Our lost and found is growing.  If you are missing something please feel free to check out the box on top of the lockers by our door, or email me and I will take a look for you!  
  • As always, any questions or concerns please feel free to email me!  Have a great weekend!
Next week:
Theme: Groundhog's day, Shadows
Letter: Bb
AM Snack: Yenter Family
PM Snack: Court Family

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