Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fire Safety/Prevention

Our topic this week was Fire Safety and Fire Prevention.

We discussed Stop, Drop, Roll, calling for help, not touching lighters and matches, getting help, and more!

Our dramatic play center was filled with fire hats, fire coats, and phones.  It is fun to hear students call the fire department, ask for help, get their gear on and go "fight fires."  

Mrs. Drummond was working with students dialing their phone numbers, knowing
what to say on the phone, and role playing some phone conversations.  Students are doing a great job and we will continue to practice some of these skills through out the year.

At circle time we did a fire house math sheet.  This sheet helped us to begin working on reading skills, new vocabulary, counting skills, number recognition, and writing numbers.  Students counting skills are doing well, now we begin to work on writing the numbers so they are able to communicate their math skills.

We did discuss an escape plan (if the doors were blocked) and a family meeting spot that is far enough from the fire but a meeting place in case they all go out different doors, windows.  If you havent already, have this conversation with your child.  They will be less hesitant to exit the burning house if they know where you are going to be when they get out

On Wednesday, we have a fire drill and got to meet the Town of Center fire fighters and see their truck.  Students did excellent stopping what they are doing, getting in a line and exiting the building quietly.  Our entire school excited the building and got to their safety spots in 1 minute and 39 seconds!  Students listened well to our firefighters, answered their questions, took pictures with them and went through their truck!  We didnt have anybody afraid!  They did wonderful!  I could not be more proud of them!  

Discussing fire safety, stop, drop, and roll, family meeting points, and more.  The 4k friends were the ones shouting out the answers to their questions, even before the 5th grades.  They really knew their stuff!

Students got to touch the gear and see what the firefighters wear to keep them safe so they can come in and get them safe.

The firefighters start in their street clothes and then get dressed in their fire gear in front of the students to show them that thought their gear makes noise and they may look a little scary, they are just real nice people in there.  If there is a fire always crawl to the firefighter and give them a hug instead of hiding.  

Students decorated Stop, Drop, and Roll crowns.  Students worked on what to do, practiced it in our room, and then made crowns to help them remember.  They worked on their fine and gross motor skills while working on the stopping, dropping, and rolling, as well as some safety skills. 

On Friday, we made a thank you card for our firefighters and signed the card with our name.  Our name writing is getting better, but keep practicing at home!  I will be sending more name writing practice sheets home to help wit the correct formations, but a good rule of thumb is always to left to right and start the letters on the top.  If the letter is a "circle letter" make sure they start at the top and circle backwards (counter clockwise).  

The letter of the week was Oo. We learned the sign language for a letter, the literacy link sound symbols, the letter sound, and looking at and writing it in both capital letters and lower case letters.  Click here to view the many ways we learn the letter of the week!

Each week we watch letter videos from "Have Fun Teaching" and the students are really picking up the names of letters, formations, and the sounds of letters.  Check out these videos with you child!  Click HERE.

The Tuesday project of letter of the week is to decorate a letter with something that starts with the letter. This week we decorated the letter O with an O (bead) rolled all Over in Orange paint.  On Thursday, our letter of the week project was to read a page from our alphabet book, O is for octopus.

Please visit the whole website (4k, drop down menu, Gallery) to see your child's first day photo as well as photos from through out the week.  If you would like the first day photo, please email me and I can send you the digital copy.

As mentioned for the past few weeks, we would like to have a family and friends board in our room.  That way the space is as much of the students' as it is of mine (I have my family photos, they should too!)  Please send a family photo that can stay up in the classroom all year long.  When photos come in, the students will take some time to tell the rest of their class about their family.  Can't wait to see the photos and hear about the families!

PALS will be begin on October 14.  See the information below about PALS.

Important Notes:
  • Folders. Please be checking your child's daily folder each night.  We put notes on the notebook pages in their folders as well as any notes we may have for you.  Artwork is also sent home this way. As we start letter of the week, we will also start sending home homework to help reinforce the letter concept and identification.  Please work on this with you child to help the students make the connection between home and school. 
  • Also, Please check the student's Wednesday Folders.  Please try to take info out and return the folder and any forms/info/payments in those folders a day or two after receiving. 
  • Literacy Bags come home every three weeks.  Students will have a week to complete the project inside and can then return the bag with completed sheets in it on TUESDAYS.
  • Library Books come every week.  We go to library on Monday and student have the opportunity to check out a book and keep it for a week. It can be kept in their back packs or at home, but please remember to bring it on Mondays. 
  • Dress for the weather.  Please send your child dressed for the weather as we go outside as long as it is not raining or below 0*
  • Book Order due October 25th (paper fliers came out, online available in the scholastic tab of the website:
  • Send in those family photos!
Next Week:
Theme: Fall
Letter of the Week: Aa
Snack: Sprangers Family

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