Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Week

Hello Parents!

I hope this newsletter finds you well and you had a nice relaxing break.

I wanted to thank all of you very much for all of your generosity for gifts, cards, pictures, and more.  You are all so generous and I am so very thankful for the gifts and for the opportunity to work with your child this year.  It truly is a pleasure every day!

We had a lot of students out sick, if your child was out sick before break, we have your present from them (we made them the week before break for such situations), the homework the kids had to do whenever you want/can, and a gift from me as well.  Hope everyone is feeling healthy!

With the cold weather we are expecting tomorrow and 2 hour delays in the area already being called, I wanted to update all of you with the procedures for a 2 hour delay at our school.

We follow the Hortonville Area School District with all closures and delays.

  • If there is a 2 hour delay, there will be no 4k held- This will count as a snow day for students (we have 2 planned in)
  • If your child attends Mrs. Zajicek's extended day class, your child may arrive at 9:45am for her class and stay through lunch and resume their normal day with her--after school care would still be offered.
  • Busses will run at 9:45am for students who come to Mrs. Zajicek's class (and the rest of the students attending school grades k-5)--PLEASE CALL THE BUS COMPANY TO REMIND THEM YOUR CHILD IS RIDING THE BUS if you choose this option.
  • PM 4k will still run and a 2 hour delay does not affect their schedule.
With the frigid temperatures and regardless if we have a 2 our delay or not, please be sure to Dress for the weather.  Please send your child dressed for the weather as we go outside as long as it is not raining or below 0*(students are more than welcome to bring layers daily or to leave in their lockers)  It may also be time to change out the change of clothes to make sure they are weather appropriate. 

School can be chilly, it is suggested students have a sweater/sweatshirt in their lockers to put on incase they feel cold. 

Next Week:
Theme: Polar Animals
Letter: Pp
Snack: Zitzelsberger

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