Friday, May 29, 2015

Eric Carle.Murals

1 week left!!!
Click here for ABC COUNTDOWN--
This past week
Monday = No school Memorial Day
Tuesday = R Recess Day!  We are going to recess instead of library and maybe an extra time in the day too!
Wednesday = S Special Surprise Day (they will be getting their special surprises at graduation)
Thursday = T Tons of color Day--wear as many colors as you can!

Next Week:
Monday = V Video Day
Tuesday = W Wildlife Day for St. Ed kids going to the Zoo (Wild Fun for HASD kids seeing a puppet show!)
Wednesday = X Xtra fun day-extra outside time!
Thursday = Y You will help clean the classroom and lockers and bring Your stuff home.  You are out of here!
You also earned a party for filling our bucket with drops!  You will be celebrating all your friends summer birthday's with an Ice cream birthday party!! (Thanks to the family who graciously offered to donate the ice cream!)

**Thank you to all those who donated items or helped out with the graduation party after the ceremony on Wednesday. It was so nice**

The weather is nice and it can get hot in school, but please remember our school dress code. Girls straps need to be 1 inch wide, shorts are one hand above the knee.  Tennis shoes should be worn all day, every day.

We started Tuesday by talking about Eric Carle and looking at some of his books.  We talked about how he does not paint pictures, but he makes papers and then cuts them out to make pictures.  We then discussed what a mural was.  We decided to make Eric Carle Papers and then make them into a mural.

We brainstormed ideas of what we could make for our mural and then voted for one.  We counted up the results and talked about which one had most.  A dinosaur mural won!

We then collected the papers.  I drew an outline on the back of the papers and had them cut them out.  They then picked where the wanted it and I put glue on and allowed them to build their mural.  It turned out so cute!
We also counted the fruit that the Hungry Caterpillar ate and colored it in.  Working on happy coloring (in the lines, no white) and following directions (the right number of fruit and the right color), and doing our best work.  It also worked on pulling details out of a story and talking about it.

Students also colors a book to help them, again, with that happy coloring and strengthening those fine motor skills.  It also helped some of them read their color words.

Students also colored a page of a book fashioned after Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See? They wrote their names, and then tried writing the color word and the animal with invented spelling (write what you hear).  They then read it to the class and we made it into a book.

We finished our zoo book and that is in the class library as well  At the zoo I like the animals.

A big part of kindergarten readiness is making sure the student can correctly and efficiently use their tools.  It is also that their letters are written (and identified) correctly so they can begin the reading and writing process.  PLEASE help your child hold pencils and scissors correctly, name the letters and numbers, and correctly write the letters and numbers.  
pencils need to be held in a "tri-pod/pincher grip.
Pointer and thumb should pinch the pencil and the
pencil should rest in the middle finger on the top
kuckle.  The thumb and the pointer should make
a round/circular shape
Scissors need to be held thumb up, cut
away from the body, and pushing foward
as the fingers and thumb open and close.
Writing the letters correctly will help them greatly in kindergarten as they will be more fluent in their writing if it is done correctly.  A good rule of thumb: START AT THE TOP AND CIRCLE BACK.  Circle back homework came home this week as well; it is essential students circle back rather than forwards for the correct formation of the letter.   I can send home the correct formation of the letters to help you work with them (this also came home in Holiday Homework).

Writing the numbers is equally as important as it is essential in communicating their math answers.  Please help your child name and write the numbers they best they can (ideally: count objects to 10, write up to 10, identify up to 12, count orally to 20, ).  Please note how the numbers look in the image.  This is how we write our numbers including the 2, 4, and 9 (not as they show up when typing).

 Please note that the year is very busy (2 weeks left). There are many events, forms, permission slips, and more that need to returned to school. Please refer back to this blog weekly and check your child's folder (both classroom and school issued) every night to ensure you see everything. 

Upcoming Events:
  •  ABC Countdown to the end of the year. It is completely optional, but students are invited to do a specific activity that starts with that letter for each day they are in school.  Click HERE for days. This came home in weekly folders as well
  • Tuesday the St. Edward families will be going to the zoo.  Students have had information sent home.  Students staying at school will have a puppet show come and be doing their favorite thing: playing!
  • All of our lockers need to be cleaned out on Wednesday. This means we will be sending home their spare clothes as well.  Please leave them in their backpack Wednesday night in the off chance we would need them at school on Thursday.
  • Drop, Summer Birthday, Ice Cream Party is Thursday.
  • Last day of 4k is Thursday June 4 at their regular times.
  • St. Edward students, please see Mrs. Morrin's newsletter about end of the year mass (Held Friday June 5)
Next Week:
Theme: Graduation, going to Kindergarten
Snack: Hoff Family

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