Monday, November 9, 2015

A personal Note

Hello Parents,

I have some very exciting personal news to share.  
My family and I are expecting another little baby in June!
My son came on his due date and we are hoping the same for this little one...I am due 4 days after school gets out-June 6.

 I have been doing pretty well with morning sickness and keeping awake during the day, but appreciate your patience when emails took a few days to come back!

During conferences, I have three very packed nights.  The schedule is still manageable, but I do ask patience as I run to the bathroom, snack on some crackers between conferences, and drink water through conferences.

I did tell the students today as well.  Just to let you know its not a story they are making up.

...And a little inside joke for those families that have been here before:
Apparently when you put a Backes, Bonnet, and a Sprangers together in a class, their teacher will have a baby!  This is the third time in 3 years the 3 families have been together and their teacher was expecting!

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  1. Congrats!! That is so exciting!! Moses loves the idea of a baby in the tummy!! All the best!!