Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ocean Week 2

AM made sharks. Students cut out the fins and mouth, counted the teeth, copied print and practiced writing their number on the shark! Lots of learning with these guys!
Both AM and PM made these shape turtles. students cut out the head, feet, and tail.  They then could put as many shapes on their shells as they wanted but they needed to put a finger space between each shape.  This finger space is essential in differentiating words in their writing later on.

This week we worked on numbers 7 & 8
On Tuesday, students put the correct number of stickers on their number(s) for the week and color that correct number of pictures.  On Thursday they find that number in magazines and in advertisements and cut 3 out and glue them onto the corresponding number(s).  Students also practiced writing the numbers daily and in their handwriting book.  

As a party of morning work, they also do farm counting, number sheets with 10 frames (BIG in kindergarten), and rainbow writing.

A big part of kindergarten readiness is making sure the student can correctly and efficiently use their tools.  It is also that their letters are written (and identified) correctly so they can begin the reading and writing process.  PLEASE help your child hold pencils and scissors correctly, name the letters and numbers, and correctly write the letters and numbers.  
pencils need to be held in a "tri-pod/pincher grip.
Pointer and thumb should pinch the pencil and the
pencil should rest in the middle finger on the top
kuckle.  The thumb and the pointer should make
a round/circular shape
Scissors need to be held thumb up, cut
away from the body, and pushing foward
as the fingers and thumb open and close.
Writing the letters correctly will help them greatly in kindergarten as they will be more fluent in their writing if it is done correctly.  A good rule of thumb: START AT THE TOP AND CIRCLE BACK.  Circle back homework came home this week as well; it is essential students circle back rather than forwards for the correct formation of the letter.   I can send home the correct formation of the letters to help you work with them (this also came home in Holiday Homework).

Writing the numbers is equally as important as it is essential in communicating their math answers.  Please help your child name and write the numbers they best they can (ideally: count objects to 10, write up to 10, identify up to 12, count orally to 20, ).  Please note how the numbers look in the image.  This is how we write our numbers including the 2, 4, and 9 (not as they show up when typing).
Important Notes:
 We have a lot of events/dates, forms, announcements, trips, etc. coming up.  Please read these important notes weekly and/or check the calendar in the tab at the top to stay up to date..
  • Library Checkout is done for the year.   Please return any library books so we can get them checked back into the library before the end of the year.
  • Thursday is Very Big party Day.  If your child has a summer birthday, we will be celebrating with them!  If you want to bring a birthday treat (DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FOOD and IS NOT REQUIRED), you can.  If numbers of treats are edible, we may send some home to eliminate waste and sugar intake.   We will give each summer birthday kid a crown, and having centers based around parties. On Monday, students will pick the theme of their party for filling their bucket as well!  That is my planned last day as well.  
  • ABC Countdown Participation is optional!  The days are listed at the bottom, slips are coming home last Monday (lime green), and you should have gotten a digital copy in your email last week.
  • 4k Safety Fair Trip is a free trip offered by the district. The trip will be held on Tuesday May 24, 2016 during school hours.  The Hortonville High School students enrolled in an early childhood class plan the day for us.  We visit Hillside preschool and use their building.  The trip includes firefighters, police officers, pharmacists, pet specialists/trainers, Emotional health specialists, and then the high schoolers host a bike rodeo for bike safety training.  It is a lot of fun and a good message to send students with before the summer break. More details to come. THE BUS NEEDS TO LEAVE ON TIME IN ORDER TO GET TO OUR DESTINATION ON TIME, HAVE LONG ENOUGH ON THE TRIP, AND GET BACK IN TIME.  IF YOUR STUDENTS IS NOT AT SCHOOL ON TIME, THE BUS WILL LEAVE WITHOUT THEM. (permission slip is orange).
  • Blue parent survey came home Monday.  Please fill it out and return it by May 26th. This helps the district to make the program the best it can be.  Please answer honestly.
  • Layers may be necessary in the school.  Heat does not turn on until later in the fall/early winter so the building can be a little chilly in the morning before the bodies warm it up.  Send your child in layers and maybe have an extra sweatshirt/sweater left in lockers in case they are cold.  It may also be time to switch out the clothes in the top of lockers to warmer options.
  • Snack reminder. Please remember healthy, nut free choices.   A list can be found on the blog at the bottom.  If you send an item that needs spoons/forks, please also send in those items. Thank You!
Next Week:
Theme: Eric Carle
Numbers of the Week: 9 &10
AM Snack: Jesse
PM Snack: Taube

Alphabet Countdown
The end of the year is almost here!  We are going to count down the last 26 days by celebrating a letter of the alphabet each day.  Participation is optional for most of the activities, but they will all be fun and bring the year to an end quickly. 
Since we participte with the whole school, we do have Fridays on here. I took the Fridays and grayed them out.  The small Friday group then will still have access.  Some days are a little different from the big kids but very few are changed.

Monday, 5/23        S. Surprise Day – Your teacher will surprise you today.

Tuesday, 5/24       T. Trip Day!  We are headed to the Safety Fair at Hillside preschool

Wednesday, 5/25    U. Upside down day—we are doing our schedule bottom to top today!

Thursday, 5.26    V. – Very big party day!  Very last day for Mrs. Gloudemans and Very Happy Birthday to all of our 
summer birthdays!

Friday, 5/27           W. – Wow!  The Bishop will be celebrating Mass with us!

Tuesday, 5/31        X.   XTRA Clean and Fun Day – Help clean your rooms, lockers, and school today! 

Wednesday, 6/1  Y. Your Last Full Day – Graduation, awards, picnic and games today!

Thursday, 6/2        Z.  Zip up your backpack and Zoom home for the Zummer!!!

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