Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oct 1-Oct 4

This week's letter was Cc.  We practiced saying, hearing it, writing it, and making and coloring pictures of words with it.  We colored cameras, made handprint cats, and glued "cotton clouds" on our Cs.  We enjoyed all the activities and are excited to learn more letters!

Our theme was the apples.  We discussed many different aspects of apples.  We labeled the parts of apples, discovered the different parts of by looking at them first hand, We got out magnifying glasses, used our 5 senses and more with apples.  We also stamped with apples when we looked at their inside and found the "apple star" that had 5 points.   

While doing the above mentioned activities, we worked on fine motor skills with writing, cutting, coloring, and gluing.   Students are starting to pick up on sounds they hear and the letter they are associated with.  They are also learning the classroom procedures, time management, respect for their friends, problem solving skills, and new found independence and responsibility.  

The website has been updated with new scholastic information (as well as the post below) and I also updated the  website with apple unit pictures.

Important Notes:
  • Fire drill for AM class Oct 10
  • Snack this week: AM-Griesbach PM-Cole Family
  • Keep sending in those family photos!
Next Week:
Theme: Fire Safety/Safety
Letter of the Week: Oo

--Mrs. Gloudemans

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