Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oct 8-Oct 11

Hello Parents!

We have a teacher inservice tomorrow (Friday) so I am getting things out a day earlier.  We had a very busy week in 4k this week!

Our letter of the week was Oo.  We talked about the two sounds Oo makes (like in orange and in octopus).  We still practiced our hand symbol, our handwriting sheet, and read our Alphatales story even though we were very busy in our class!

Our theme was Fire Safety/Safety.  On Tuesday, we had a visit from our nurse.  She talked about proper hand washing--a very important lesson as the cold and flu season is upon us.  Just to recap so you know how they are taught to wash their hands:  2 squirts school soap, sing abc while rubbing hands together on all sides and between fingers, the "now I know my.." part is washing all the soap bubbles off in the water, and then dry with 2 towels.  I think we are either getting it or really like singing the abc's in the bathroom :)

On Wednesday, our AM class had a fire drill and the fire trucks came.  They were able to see a firefighter dress in front of them to show them that it is not scary and they are there to help.  We reiterated the fact that if there is a fire, give the firefighter a hug, don't run away and hide.  They are there to help. The PM class watched a video on firefighters and I found one of a man dressing as well as showed them the photos from the AM class. I made sure to show a video that showed the sound the breathing mask makes as that seems to be the scariest part for some.  PM had a fire drill at the end of September.

On Thursday Officer Janda came to visit.  He is an Outagamie County Sheriff.  We talked about when we call 911 (even if you call on accident stay on the phone and tell them it was an accident) and only call in a real emergency.  We talked about what a police officer does and what he has on his uniform.  The AM class got to see the car, but Officer Janda did not have it in the afternoon as he was there to pick up his children as well, but he did have his radio, which was at home charging in the AM.  Children really enjoyed hearing the voices on the radio!  We also talked of gun safety: If you see a gun 1) DO NOT TOUCH IT and 2) GO GET AN ADULT. Finally, we also got fun coloring books and Packer cards from Officer Janda.

Thank you to all our visitors and all those who helped teach us how to be safe!  Pictures are on the class website.  If you would like a digital copy of any picture, as always email and ask and I will get that to you as soon as I can!

The website also has the 4K fall fun day posted.  Please consider coming to this fun event. All Hortonville Area School District families are invited.  We will have a lot of fun AND you get to wear costumes!  Please RSVP by date on flyer (the bottom of the flyer is the rsvp--came home in the Wednesday folders.  If you need a new one please ask and I'll get you a new one!)

Important Notes:
  • Child Development Fair: Monday Oct 16, Tue Oct 17
  • Snack this week: AM-Janda Family PM-Emerich Family
  • Keep sending in those family photos!
Next Week:
Theme: Fall
Letter of the Week: Aa

--Mrs. Gloudemans

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