Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nov 26-Nov 29

With the short week we didn't have four projects so things got a little squished into the week.

Our letter of the week was Ee.  We talked about the sound Ee makes.  Finding words that start with Ee is tricky and vowels often get mixed up.  It is a good start to try them, but mastery is tough at this age.  We practiced our hand symbol, our handwriting sheet, and read our Alphatales story, Elvin the Amazing Elephant.  Students put paint on their Elbows and painted their Ee with them!  I hope this will help them remember the Ee sound for days to come.  We also made an elephant for their hand print book page.  Students are doing well with getting "their reading finger out" and doing the one to one correspondence between the word on the page and the spoken word.      Some are already seeing is and for as sight words and knowing them right away.  They are also getting good at finding the letters of the week in print around our room.

 I am so proud of their progress with the sign language symbol, the sound symbol, the letter and even our handwriting sheets are improving.  

For the Ee we say: Down, across 1, 2, 3.  Little e: out the driveway, around the block and curve.  

*****I added all the previous letters of the week to a "Letters of the Week" tab on our website.  Please visit the website for this new tab as well as updated photos!*****

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We started the week with a definition of Transportation: Things that go and take you from one place to another.

We then made a list of types of transportation.

The next day, we read the book: The Big Book of Things that Go.  This gave us even more ideas to put on our list.  We then added to our list.  When students dictate what to add to a list, I emphasize the first letter sound and often ask a student to help me figure out the letter making that sound.  This helps students to begin to see the correspondence between the letter sound and reading/spelling.  

The next day we Sorted the list into Land (green marker with grass lines), Water (dark blue waves), and Air (light blue clouds).  

The students also did a sort as their morning table time.

Students also wrote their names with cars. I wrote their names in large yellow letters (to be the yellow lines on the road) and they had to drive their cars on the yellow lines.  When I was writing the letters I made sure to describe the ways in which I was making/forming the letters so they could work on correct letter formation.

Important Notes:  
  • Vision Screening Hortonville School District came in and did a vision screening today.  All students did well and she will not need to retest anyone.  
  • RSVP for Breakfast with Santa is due on Dec 6, which is Thursday.  Please try to get these in, even if it is a no.  That way we can send an accurate count.  Flyer can be found on the blog as well.
  • Book Orders Due Friday November 30th.  Remember, if you order online you get a $5 coupon and our classroom gets a $3 coupon!  We also earn classroom points and can get more books/supplies for our classrooms. If you want them as a Holiday Gift, please let me not by note in their folder or email and I will find a way to get them to you secretly.
  • Reading with the Stars for December will be December 18.  This will be the closest thing to a program we will be having. We will be doing a Gingerbread skit as well as having activities.  A note and RSVP will be coming home next week.  Please try to attend the event, but let us know if you cannot so we can plan parts accordingly.  
  • Folders.  Please be checking your child's daily folder each night.  We put notes on the notebook pages in their folders as well as any notes we may have for you.  Artwork is also sent home this way.    Also, Please check the student's Wednesday Folders.  Please try to take info out and return the folder and any forms/info/payments in those folders a day or two after receiving.  
  • Dress for the weather.  Please send your child dressed for the weather as we go outside as long as it is not raining or below 0*  Even if there is no snow, snowpants are acceptable to keep students warm.  Students in the 4K program go out on TUESDAY and THURSDAY.  If students are in the extended day program, they go out DAILY.  A note was sent home in last Wednesday's folder about Cold Weather dress as well.  
Next Week:
Theme: Snow/Winter (a change for the original list, we will be doing polar animals after the winter break)
Letter of the Week: Rr
Snack this week: AM-We do not have anyone signed up, originally we had someone, but they can no longer do it.  If you could help out, even if it is just for 1 day please let me know. PM-Schultz Family

--Mrs. Gloudemans

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