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April 15-April 18 (April 19)

**I ask your patience as we have added Fridays to our school days; I may not get the blogs out on Fridays.  I will always have them up by the end of the weekend.  I still suggest checking in once a week to see all the fun things your child is doing, but also to get any important information on due dates, fun dates, and such.  
We did a review of the letters of the week this week.  We finished our handprint activities and completed our books.  They are going to be bound throughout the next few weeks, we will practice reading them, and they will come home soon!

All hand symbols, sign language, and hand writing videos are available on the class website:
Mrs. Gloudemans Letters of the Week Page   Keep practicing!

Our theme was Trees, Plants, and Plant Life Cycles.  We planted some seeds--some with all of their needs met, some without light, some with out water, and some with out soil. We will monitor their growth and progress as well as see if they can live/grow with out water, soil, and sun.

We wrote our predictions in our journals, and we will be documenting our observation as we go.

At Reading with the stars,  we made plants with REAL MUD! We talked about the different parts of a plant and used a variety of materials to make each part!

Our Final reading with the stars will be Wednesday May 15, 2013 at 5:30pm!  Join us!

Students helped create a life cycle of a tree with me on the dry erase board.  We used this as a basis for our our art project.

We also went through the seasons of a tree and made them with our
hands and a variety of different types of art supplies.  It was a BIG mess, but it was a lot of fun and they look great!

Students' morning work one day this week was to create letters (on a template) out of shapes!  They did well with this.  It was also great to hear the manners and shape words as someone would say, "please pass the ___" :)

On Thursday, we practiced a tornado drill.   The state wide drill was supposed to be on Thursday, but due to severe weather expected in Southern Wisconsin, the state pushed it back to Friday afternoon.  Since none of our children were going to be present, we practiced.  We meet at our bookshelf, heads by the wall, bumpers by the windows and crouch down like a seed and cover our heads.  We never run to the bookshelf, but we always stop what we are doing and move quick.  I wanted to keep you informed if this conversation is brought up at home!

For those who attended on Friday: We watched The Magic School Bus: Takes to Seed and had some great gross motor activities in the gym.  We did the life cycle of a plant yoga, and practiced the tornado drill one more time.

AM 4k has class this coming Friday April 26.  Class is 8-11.  If you child always takes the bus home from school, the bussing is still available on Friday. If you child normally gets  a ride or stays for extended day, they must have their own transportation at 11 am.  No bussing available for these students, and there is no extended day.

Our additional 5 minutes also started last Monday and continues through the year.

Important Notes:

  • Graduation forms:  Please fill out the graduation/picnic form and return so we are able to get a day that works for MOST of our families.  I truly hope to find something that most can attend.  It should be a fun evening!
  • Field Trip information forms came out a few weeks ago.  THE TRIP IS NEXT WEDNESDAY.  PLEASE BE SURE TO SEND IN ALL PERMISSION SLIPS AND PAYMENTS. Please be sure to send the payment with the slips as CASH. If you have donations, you can send those to school as well and I will bring them all together with us to the trip.  A list of needed items came home with the permission slip.  If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to contact me!
  • Book Orders are due April 26th (MIDNIGHT).  There are some great new collections. Also, if you order online you get a coupon for free books.  It also earns points and free books for our classroom as well!  Find the link the scholastic section of the website:
  • FINAL Reading with the Stars Wednesday MAY 15, 2013! Please RSVP regardless of attendance for correct amount of copies.
  • Dress for the Weather.  We go outside Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Students need coats, hats, and mittens.  If there is snow or even if it is in the 30s I would suggest snowpants and boots for warmth and dryness.  St. Edward Extended day families, these students go outside for "long recess" after lunch daily and need to be dressed for it daily.  Please come with everything they need to stay warm and have fun!
    • Even as Spring approaches, if there is snow we need your child to come in snowpants and winter gear for playing on the playground.  If they do not have the proper clothes, they will need to stand on the blacktop with the teachers.
  • Lost and Found.  Our lost and found is growing.  If you are missing something please feel free to check out the box on top of the lockers by our door, or email me and I will take a look for you!  
  • As always, any questions or concerns please feel free to email me!  Have a great weekend!
Next week:
Theme: Earth Day-Recycling
Letter: STARTED NUMBER OF THE WEEK, Numbers 1 & 2
AM Snack: Ulmen Family (got it already-thank you)
PM Snack: Brunn Family

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