Thursday, September 5, 2013

Week 1 Sep 3-5 Back to School

Hello parents!

Welcome to the 4k year!  Things have been going great!  Students have been learning how to play cooperatively with their classmates and how school works.  Students are doing a great job sharing, using their words, learning new procedures, and taking care of themselves and others!

We took some first day photos and the teachers took special care to teach students the proper use of the centers and the materials.  They have been going in the centers with the students and playing with them and engaging them in conversations and reading with them.

Please visit the whole website (4k, drop down menu, Gallery) to see your child's first day photo.  If you would like the first day photo, please email me and I can send you the digital copy.

We would like to have a family and friends board in our room.  That way the space is as much of the students' as it is of mine (I have my family photos, they should too!)  Please send a family photo that can stay up in the classroom all year long.  When photos come in, the students will take some time to tell the rest of their class about their family.  Can't wait to see the photos and hear about the families!

Important Notes:
  • Folders.  Please be checking your child's daily folder each night.  We put notes on the notebook pages in their folders as well as any notes we may have for you.  Artwork is also sent home this way. As we start letter of the week, we will also start sending home homework to help reinforce the letter concept and identification.  Please work on this with you child to help the students make the connection between home and school.
  • Also, Please check the student's Wednesday Folders.  Please try to take info out and return the folder and any forms/info/payments in those folders a day or two after receiving. 
  • Dress for the weather.  Please send your child dressed for the weather as we go outside as long as it is not raining or below 0*
  • Please bring in book donations that Mrs. Morrin mentioned in her newsletter! We would love to help out another school in need!
  • Picture Day Sep 26
  • Book Order due Sep 27 (paper fliers coming Monday, online available in the scholastic tab of the website:
  • Send in those family photos!
Next Week:
Theme: All about Me & the 5 senses
Letter of the Week: Ll
Snack: Backes Family

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