Monday, January 18, 2016

February Notes

Hello Parents,

I cannot believe it is time to write this note already, but I wanted to fill you in on the things coming up in February.
Want a Scholastic book for Valentines' Day gifts?  Have your order in by January 28th and they should be in on time.  If they are a gift, let me know and I will get them to you discreetly.  As always, we highly encourage books as gifts to instill the love of learning as well as a parent/child bond.

Catholic Schools/School Spirit Week:
We have a week of dress up days, fun activities, trips, in-house "trips" this crazy week.  AM class got your fliers with the school and PM will be getting theirs soon.  Here is a small break down of the week:

Monday: Dress up like your favorite book character
Tuesday: Dress in St. Edward apparel or school colors (Navy and Gold)
              X-Day Kids will be taking a trip to a sister school for a fun activity!
Wednesday: Dress like what you want to be when you grow up.
              AM kids will have an in house trip to the cafeteria to make some art!
Thursday: Groovy Day-Dress all Groovy
              Family night at Skate City for AM families
Friday: Dress in Church clothes/Grandparents day
              Grandparents come for Mass, then 4 fun rotations with kids. It is a half day and kids go                       home with grandparents.  No buses run.

We have Monthly family activities welcome to 4k students in the whole district.  This will be sledding at Jennerjohn Park (Hosted by the Hillside site).  It is held Friday Feb 5 1-3.  Please see pink note coming home in folders today! Please RSVP so I can get them an accurate count.

Valentines' Day stuff has begun to come out so you may begin your shopping.

Our school policy on Valentines is All or Nothing = bring a  valentine for the whole class or none at all.  At the 4k level, we suggest not to write names in the "TO" spot so they can go down the line and simply hand out valentines, but we do encourage the students to write their own name on the "FROM" line.  What great practice! AM STUDENTS= 20 PM STUDENTS = 13

We do have a peanut allergy in our classroom so we ask that you DO NOT SEND ANY ITEMS CONTAINING PEANUTS.  We will have the family double check for "made in factory" but we cannot have any physical peanuts in our classroom. The eliminates some candies so please make sure to check.  It is not a matter of the student can't eat that kind, but it is not healthy for this child to have it sitting int he room with him/her all day as well.

Please send an emptied, clean milk jug by Monday February 8 for our Valentine Collection buckets.

We will be celebrating on Thursday February 11.  You can send valentines, that whole week (we will keep in a bin) and then have the child distribute at our "party" on Thursday.

January Reading with the Stars is Thursday January 28 5:30-6:30 and then there is quick turn around for February Reading with the Stars Thursday February 11 5:30-6:30.

Daddy Daughter Dance forms came home earlier this month.  This event is hosted by the Hortonville Middle School and is open to all girls in the district.  The form says to return this form to the middle school, but if you would like to send it to school, we can get it to them as well.

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