Friday, September 28, 2012

Sep 24-Sep 27

Hello Parents,

We had a lot of fun stuff happen in our room this week!  This week we were talking about apples.  We started off the week by coloring apples, cutting them out, and then putting them in size order (small, middle, big).  We also cut out apple cores, picked a leaf with a magic number and stamped that number of seeds in our apples.  These are proudly displayed in our hallway.

For letter of the week we had the letter Ii.  We read the Iguana on Ice to emphasize the Ii sound.  We colored an igloo for our alphabet book, painted with ice on our letter Ii, and for our  hand print book we made icecream cones.

For the sound this week, we also made this Ii say the short Ii sound (as in: IGLOO) and the long (as in: Ice)

Important Notes:
  • Please remember to send your child dressed for the weather. It has been getting colder and we just want to make sure everyone is dressed for outdoor play. We go out as long as it is above zero.  
  • Snack this week: AM-Wheaton Family  PM-Schultz Family
  • Keep sending in those family photos!
  • NEXT Book Order due Nov 28
Next Week:
Theme: Apples (again)
Letter of the Week: Cc

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