Friday, September 14, 2012

Welcome! Sep 10-Sep 13

Hello Parents,

I realized that I would like more routine communication on top of the website.  I have created this blog post to do that.  I will write weekly newsletters on here as well as any extra updates.

This week we started our Letter of the Week.  This week's letter was Ll.  We practiced saying, hearing it, writing it, and making and coloring pictures of words with it.  We even "read" a chant by looking at the pictures of all the Ll words.  These came home.   Feel free to use them as you wish.  We just thought it was fun to say all the l words in it.  It is funny, too!  These same activities will be repeated for each letter.  We enjoyed all the activities and are excited to learn more letters!

Our theme was the 5 senses.  We discussed what the 5 senses were and then used them in an activity.  The students used their senses to look in a kaleidoscope, smell an apple candle, taste a craisin, feel a cotton ball, and listen to relaxation music playing in the background.  Some of the answers were pretty cute!  We also used those senses in our room and put those words up.  The children's words are decorating our room!

While doing the above mentioned activities, we worked on fine motor skills with writing, cutting, coloring, and gluing.   Students are starting to pick up on sounds they hear and the letter they are associated with.  They are also learning the classroom procedures, time management, respect for their friends, problem solving skills, and new found independence and responsibility. 

I am so proud of everyone's progress they have already made and I am very excited for all that is to come!

If you would like the first day of 4k photo frame, send me an email through the website or to my school email or just put a note in your child's folder and I will get you a digital copy.  

Important Notes:
  • Picture Day Sep 27
  • Book Order due Sep 28
  • Snack this week: AM-Frenkel Family PM-Court Family
  • Keep sending in those family photos!
Next Week:
Theme: Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom (letters)
Letter of the Week: Tt

--Mrs. Gloudemans

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