Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 6-May 10


Important Notes:

  • We are back to our 4 day schedule.  We have school Monday-Thursday. AM: 7:50-10:55, PM: 11:55-3:00
  • GRADUATION PHOTOS are Thursday May 16th.  Please make sure to turn in your forms regardless of purchase so our photographer has permission to take your child's photo and they are not left out.
  • Graduation will be Wednesday May 29 from 5-6pm for those who would like to mark their calendars early!  I will be providing more information as it comes, but thank you for your timely responses in helping us pick a day.  This was the day with the least "no's" and the best we could do.  Students will be singing some songs, showing their work, receiving a certificate, and having some fun!  
  • FINAL Reading with the Stars Wednesday MAY 15, 2013! NOTE THE TIME CHANGE 5:00PM-6:00PM  Please RSVP regardless of attendance for correct amount of copies.
  • Our last day of school is Thursday June 6, 2014.  We will have both the AM and PM sessions that day.
  • Lost and Found.  Our lost and found is growing.  If you are missing something please feel free to check out the box on top of the lockers by our door, or email me and I will take a look for you! 
    Warm weather clothing: We do not have a specific policy regarding when students can wear shorts. Please
    watch the weather and dress in layers. It is normally cooler in the morning in the building and at recess.
    Our specific rules say:
    • All shoes MUST have backstraps. NO flip flops or other sandals without backstrap.
    • Tennis shoes must be worn for recesses and Gym class.
    • Tank top straps must be at least one inch wide.
    • Shorts must be longer and no less than one hand-width above the knee.

Students labeled the parts of the plants.  They wrote the initial sound to the images, and colored it. We are doing well with our phonemic awareness (initial sound), writing our letters, knowing our letters, fine motor skills, and following directions.  This will be a part of their science journals, which we also contributed more to this week.

We continue to work on our number books. We worked on numbers 4, 5, and 6 this week.  We colored 4 people, 5 ovals, and 6 circles.  We cut out 4, 5, and 6 out of ads, and magazines.  We also put stickers on touch points.

We made our Mother's Day gifts: daffodil sun catchers.  Students cut on a curved line, followed directions, pulled apart tissue paper (pinching skills), Cut on a straight line, put the phrase in the right order (by hearing the initial sound and the front of the phrase), and more.  We then made our own gift bags: students required to write their name on the paper and then Mom, I love you, and Love were written on the board so they could write these as well.  

***As always, any questions or concerns please feel free to email me! 

Next week:

Theme: Farm

Numbers: 7, 8
AM Snack: Manteufel 
PM Snack: 

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