Thursday, May 22, 2014

Down on the Farm

Congratulations to our PM 4k teacher, Mrs. Revoir, on the birth of a healthy baby boy!  Mrs. Revoir was due Tuesday but her little boy Parker decided to grace the world with his presence on the Thursday before.  Students were excited, though a little confused, why he wasn't born on the day with the star on the calendar.

Monday, students worked on putting some cows in their barn.  Students either had
to put the correct number of cows in the barn or put the first number of cows in the barn, the second number of cows in the barn, and then write how many cows in all were in the barn (addition).  Students did really well!   Students also began typing their own data for their power point slides.

Tuesday, students finished up their number of the week books and finished up putting their cows in the barn if they didn't have time to do that earlier in the week.

Wednesday, students worked on a write the room activity that was a little different than before.  I love how excited the kids get to walk around the room with a clip board and write words.  The students walked around the room looking for numbered words and wrote the farm words on their paper.  When all the words were written by all the numbers, students sat down to read their words and glue the picture of that animal by the word.  It was so cool to see kids writing, reading, cutting, gluing, and more in one project.  The cool thing about this project is that the projects are all getting smaller so their fine motor skills and control of their tools is getting so much more refined.  They are doing so well!  Students also finished up their power point slides.

Thursday, students were busy!  In my center, students went around
the room and asked their friends their favorite animals. They then marked their data on their graph.  They then brought their data back to the table and had to circle the large number and x out the smallest.  The only tricky part was seeing 0 as the smallest (rather than 1).  "I want 1 more cookie than 0, don't you?" helped them make sense of it.

With Mrs. Drummond, students had to cut out shapes (they are getting so tiny-great job with those fine motor skills) and then they had to follow directions and work with directional words...and when they were done there was  tractor!

With Mrs. Schneider (Izzy's grandma who visits weekly), students
practiced recognizing 11, 12, and 13 by reading the numbers on the card and then doing the correct amount of exercises.  Students had fun doing the exercises, but seemed pretty tired!

Students have also been enjoying the game of twister in their puzzles and games center.  They are getting good at reading left and right buy looking at the initial sound, and really trying to know the difference when playing the game.  The right side is our pledge side (if that helps you at home).

We counted as a class how many days of school we have left this year.  7 DAYS OF SCHOOL!   It is going to be a fun filled, busy next 7 days!

No School on Monday May 26 due to Memorial Day

We have a very busy remainder of the school year ahead of us!

  • PALS Assessments are completed
  • Library Check Out is completed for the year. All books are in, THANK YOU!
  • Book orders are submitted and done for the year.
  • iRun will be Tuesday May 27 in the afternoon.  Students will be running with the 3k to form a team.  We are running/walking laps (and keeping track) to go with the pledges students in the extended day program have gotten to earn money for the technology in our school.
  • Graduation will be June 3 5:30-6:30.  Formal Invitation to Follow.
  • St. Edward field trip is Wednesday June 4.  It is an all day trip.  Permission slips came home in the folder.  

  • Please note, as always, the Hortonville Public Library hosts free events for kids!  Check them out on your days off and have some fun family bonding time! The link below brings you to the sites "kids" page.

    Important Notes:
    • Our School day starts at 7:50am.  Please have your child in the building at that time.  We are going to be watching tardy's very carefully for the 4th quarter so please 
    Next Week:
    Theme: Eric Carle (Author)

    Snack: Ebben Family

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