Thursday, May 15, 2014


We started our week with checking on our plants we planted last week.  We planted 4 sets of seeds: 1 set had everything it needed: water, sun, and soil.  1 with no soil, 1 with no sun, and 1 with no water.  We made observations of those to see any change.  We noticed no change at all and decided to give them more time. We also watched a short video that labeled the plants and did our best to label a diagram of a plant.  We wrote the sound we heard at the beginning of the words we were writing.

Tuesday, we continued to work on our number of the week books.  We continue to work hard on these.   We made predictions of what we thought we would find in the cups when they started to grow.  We wrote these observations down in our science plant journals.

Wednesday, we checked our plants again. This time there was some change!  The plant that had all the things it needs was able to grow sprouts!  We also observed that the plants with things missing could not grow.  We then drew the conclusion that if a plant does not have all the things it needs it cannot grow.  We then wrote down our observations in our science plant journals.

Thursday, we finished up our science plant journals, by illustrating and gluing real seeds into a plant life cycle.  Students also wrote the steps of the plant life cycle by writing the first sound they hear.

We had some really great science investigations and vocabulary this week!  We find by using these big words and explaining what they mean, students actually feel comfortable using them and they become second nature!  It is amazing to hear little ones say hypothesis, observations, conclusions, investigations, and more.  Try this at home with any vocabulary, you will be amazed the conversations you can have with your child.

We counted as a class how many days of school we have left this year.  11 DAYS OF SCHOOL!   It is going to be a fun filled, busy next 11 days!

We have a very busy remainder of the school year ahead of us!

  • PALS Assessments are completed
  • Library Check Out is completed for the year.  Please return all library books on Monday.  This will give us time to get in any late books.
  • Book orders I am only able to submit one more book order this year to have it back in on time.  I had an original due date of tomorrow May, 16.  I am going to extend it shortly longer to allow you the weekend to get the paper copy/checks sent in.  You are obviously welcome to order online.  Please click on the scholastic tab at the top of this page and then click on the image if the scholastic book order.  ALL BOOK ORDERS ARE Due May 19, 2014.
  • Graduation will be June 3 5:30-6:30.  Formal Invitation to Follow.
  • St. Edward field trip is Wednesday June 4.  It is an all day trip.  Permission slips came home in the folder.  

  • Please note, as always, the Hortonville Public Library hosts free events for kids!  Check them out on your days off and have some fun family bonding time! The link below brings you to the sites "kids" page.

    Important Notes:
    • Our School day starts at 7:50am.  Please have your child in the building at that time.  We are going to be watching tardy's very carefully for the 4th quarter so please 
    Next Week:
    Theme: Farm
    Numbers of the Week: 11, 12, 13

    Snack: Ellerman Family

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