Friday, May 30, 2014


This week, we learned about Eric Carle.  We started the week with Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  We also watched a video on how Eric Carle made his art.  Eric Carle doesn't paint his pictures, but he makes papers in a variety of colors and patterns and then he cuts the pieces out and builds pictures.   We then discussed as a class that we were going to be making a mural (and what a mural was).  We then brainstormed some ideas of what our mural could be.  We then came up with a jungle.  Students then, brainstormed some ideas of what goes in the jungle.  When they had their ideas, they had ideas of what color papers they needed to make.
reading one of his classics-one we can begin to pick words out of:

Students had the opportunity to make two papers.  They could choose a color and they could choose any of
the materials on the table to make their paper.  Students had brushes, popsicle sticks, blocks, K'nex, cotton balls, fluffy pipe cleaners, and the most favored: fingers, to do their papers.  We let these dry over night.

Students also helped write a class book.  Students wrote their own page to Students, Students, What Do You See?  Students wrote their name two times, then picked a color, then an animal and then illustrated it.  We read this book at circle time and then put it in our reading center.  It is a favorite because they can read it on their own!

Students who stayed all day, got the opportunity to run in the iRun in the
afternoon.  Students ran a lap around our playground and for each lap they got a tally/point.  The laps helped earn money based on pledges they received for our school technology fund.

Wednesday, students began building their mural.  The would pick what they were going to help make, I would draw some outlines on the back of the paper, and they would cut the paper out. They then glued the pieces together to build the original thing they had in mind.  We even recycled some of the scraps from the tree leaves and used them to make vines and grass.

Thursday, students finished up the mural.  We put it on the wall and they love it!
Thursday, students did one last journal entry with some teacher guidance to help them get the idea of journaling and writing for a purpose down.  Students were sent home with their journals as we are done writing in them.  Students would draw a pictures, write the words, and then the teacher would write what they wrote down and the date.  There is no order to the pages as we let the students choose.  I hope you enjoy reading them and feel free to add to the rest of the pages over the summer!

We counted as a class how many days of school we have left this year.  4 DAYS OF SCHOOL!   It is going to be a fun filled, busy next 4 wake-ups!

We have a very busy remainder of the school year ahead of us!

  • Father's Day Gift Students will be creating a Father's day gift on Monday.  If you have not done so already, please send in those plastic frozen juice containers, tin cans, etc.  Please NO GLASS.
  • Surveys: The Orange 4k Survey and the Green Literacy survey were sent home a couple weeks ago.  Please turn those in as soon as you can.  They help us improve the 4k program. The green on is for my personal professional development as it helps me to improve my teaching of literacy
  • Graduation will be June 3 5:30-6:30.  Formal Invitation went out this week, please make sure to get your RSVP in so we can print the correct number of programs and set up the correct number of chairs.
  • PLEASE HAVE STUDENTS TO SCHOOL AT 5:20 TO LINE UP.  You can drop your child off in the classroom and then head down to our gym area to find your seat.  There are no reserved seats, we are collecting RSVPs simply for a seat count.
  • St. Edward (All day students and Aiden and Kay Lee ONLY) field trip is Wednesday June 4.  It is an all day trip.  Permission slips came home in the folder.  .
  • PALS Assessments are completed
  • Library Check Out is completed for the year. All books are in, THANK YOU!\
  • Book orders are submitted and done for the year.

  • Please note, as always, the Hortonville Public Library hosts free events for kids!  Check them out on your days off and have some fun family bonding time! The link below brings you to the sites "kids" page.

    Important Notes:
    • Our School day starts at 7:50am.  Please have your child in the building at that time.  We are going to be watching tardy's very carefully for the 4th quarter
    Next Week:
    Theme: Graduation, going to Kindergarten

    Snack: Wieczorek Family

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